About Us

Owner Does the Inspecitons

You will have a State of Florida Certified Home Inspector with over 15 years of construction experience spend two to three hours for a 1500 square foot home.  I have served the Central Florida Area for over 13 years, and inspected thousands of homes. We even inspect all portions of the grounds. Keep in mind that the following conditions have a direct effect on the time that we are on the property; age, size, condition and whether the property is occupied or vacant. If you require any other services, rest assured that all service providers will be State Certified , licensed in their field and fully insured. 

You're Included!

WE WANT YOU……to come to the inspection. However we ask that you allow us the time to do our inspection uninterrupted. At the end of the inspection we will take as much time as you need to go over the entire report. We not only inspect the structure you’re buying but we’ll explain to you what needs to be maintained and why. You’ll get a real education about your new building in easy to understand terms as well as locations of main water shut offs and other pertinent information.

Broadest Service Offerings & Expertise

We conduct Inspections on residential properties such as; single family homes, villas, condo, condominiums, multifamily and any other type of residential properties. We also inspect commercial properties such as: retail, flex space, light and heavy industrial and all other types of commercial properties. We offer inspections for all real estate transactions, new construction finals, new construction in progress, and one year warranty inspections from builders.  We also offer specialty inspection such as but not limited to; swimming pools, spas, seawalls & docks, and wind mitigation inspections, Please click here to visit our full list of services

Real Estate Agents and Brokers find Added Value

Realtors and Brokers, our services provide you a one stop shop experience. Our broad list of services offer you a one phone call does it all experience. If the property needs a home inspection,  and/or a seawall/dock  inspection, one call will provide you with all of these services provided at one time so there is not multiple trips out to the site, saving you time and money.

Ongoing Support

Because we want you as a Customer “For Life”, we are pleased to answer any questions that you might have about your home anytime in the future, whether you call the day after the inspection or a year and a day after the inspection.